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Bahrain Light Festival

The Bahrain Light Festival showcases innovative light installations created by contemporary artists from around the globe. Brilliant creations light up Bahrain Bay, transforming the beach into a luminescent dream. In 2017, celebrated artists included Japan’s KAZ Shirane, Francesco Cappuccio from Italy and Rob Jensen from the U.S., as well as artists from Bahrain, Canada and France.

The festival helps promote tourism within the country and is a platform to bring together family and friends to experience a different kind of creativity. Among the international artists that partook in the festival were KAZ Shirane from Japan, Francesco Cappuccio from Italy, and Rob Jensen from the USA who was the creative genius behind the Sonic Runway attraction, as well as artists from Canada, Bahrain, and France. The light festival illuminated the Bahrain from November 23 to December 2, 2017.