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Moda Mall

Recognised today as the luxury fashion hub in Bahrain, Moda Mall is an integral part of Bahrain’s identity. Approximately 30 years ago, the mall was called The Sheraton Complex, adjacent to the Sheraton Hotel.

These grounds witnessed society ladies in pursuit of the latest trends, mothers looking for couture for their little ones’ Eid outfits, and men looking to lavish their brides with the most unique jewellery.

In essence, it was an introduction to luxury shopping for the small Kingdom, an opportunity for boutique owners to bloom and gain access to the new breed of consumers who demanded luxury goods but could not travel abroad, and a destination for those who simply liked shopping closer to home.

Standing tall within the bustling streets of old Manama, the Sheraton was a happy place. It was the Sunset Strip for 1980s Bahrain, the scenic go-to for any festive occasion, as well as the endpoint of a good old-fashioned splurge. It echoed with salutations and salams of the local boutique proprietors. It.I resonated with female glee at finding selections from names like Missoni, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. Proud shop owners boasted their wares and hung elite designer gowns upon their silver racks. The mall also familiarized its customers with fine linens, exclusive silverware, and gush-worthy gifts for anyone shopping for presents. Jewellers like Asia Jewellery, Al Mannai Pearls, and many more opened shops within the celebratory compound. Even then, Bahrain always had grand esteem for the ‘luxe’, and perhaps it isi to this that the building owes its longevity.

Fast-forward to today, it is known as Moda Mall – named for the Latin word for “fashion” and attracting a large audience with its flagship stores. To many locals, Moda Mall is the grown-up in the Sheraton story, having evolved into what every shopping community in Bahrain aspires to be.

For more information:
Location: Bahrain World Trade Centre, Manama, Bahrain
Phone Number: (+973) 1332 3332