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Al Mannai Jewellery


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The Al Mannai family is a fine example of successfully remaining one of the most renowned jewellers in Bahrain with their wide variety of traditional and modern jewellery, unique designs, and boasting an outstanding jewellery manufacturing division in Bahrain. Perle Magazine spoke to Mohammed Al Mannai, the fifth generation of the Al Mannai family member to head the business as President, about their 175-year old business and how it has continued to prosper throughout the years. Boasting a notable selection of jeweller sets, rings, earrings, bangles, and other accessories that are manufactured by well-known jewellery houses in Europe such as Wellendorf, Erich Keller, and more, Al Mannai Jewelery is home to incredibly precious and striking pieces. The eye-catching displays of the Moda Mall store showcase the lustrous jewellery pieces that are even more precious up close. The eclectic and ever-changing taste of the customers is something Al Mannai Jewelery is always ready for and can easily accommodate any request that their customers brings to them. Al Mannai Jewelery represents the core essence of The Kingdom’s love and passion towards jewellery, and has successfully carried the title of Bahrain’s renowned jewellers for over a century.