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Al Mahmood Pearls


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With seven generations of the Al Mahmood family being an integral part of the pearling industry in Bahrain, the family started as buyers and sellers of pearls as well collecting rare pearl finds around 200 years ago. Using that knowledge, combined with the genuine passion and commitment to pearling, the Al Mahmood family was able to develop the family business into a well-known name amongst the pearl-collectors and jewellery enthusiasts alike. Inspired from their Bahraini roots, Al Mahmood Pearls has incorporated traditional designs into their artistically handcrafted pearl jewellery, creating truly intricate and delicate pieces. From multi-strand irregular pearl necklaces to single strand G1 necklaces, Al Mahmood Pearls has jewellery that is remarkable and classy at the same time. Incorporating other precious stones such as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires into their jewellery, the final pieces are nothing short of luxurious. Their growing clientele has also resulted in the launch of their showrooms across Bahrain, with two in Moda Mall, and one in Al A’ali Mall. Also catering to the corporate clientele, Al Mahmood Pearls works with companies to provide them with clocks, music boxes, bespoke gift items made on special order from the Gulf region and internationally, and in true Al Mahmood-style the gifts are adorned with gold and pearl detailing