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Barbar Temple


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Discover the culture of Ancient Dilmun at the Barbar Temple. The Barbar Temple ruins are of three temple sites, each built on top of one another over the centuries. The oldest temple was constructed around 3000BC, the second 500 years later, and the most recent added between 2100 and 2000BC. These temples were built to worship the god Enki, the God of Wisdom and Freshwater, and his wife Nankhur Sak. Within the temple you’ll find ruins of two altars, and a natural water spring of spiritual significance for ancient worshippers.  The site of Barbar Temple was excavated by a Danish archeological team led by Hellmuth Andersen and Peder Mortensen in 1954. The excavation continued until 1962, and most recently in 2004. Excavations from the Barbar Temple - including tools, weapons, pottery, small pieces of gold and a bronze bull’s head - are on exhibit at the Bahrain National Museum.