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Bahrain Fort


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Located in the area of Seef and previously known as Portugal Port, the Bahrain Fort or “Qal’at al-Bahrain” is built over 180,000 sq ft. Occupation of the fort has been recorded from 2300BC to the 16th Century. The fort is named for the Qal’at al-Burtughal, and was located at the capital of Dilmun civilization. The excavated site at the fort reveals that the fort was used for residential, public, commercial, religious and military purposes. An archeological dig revealed various tools and artifacts; Dilmun Stamp seals, fishing tools, pots used for cooking and for transport of food from Oman and Mesopotamia. Inscribed as one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bahrain, the Bahrain Fort is an incredible structure that pays homage to the deep rooted history of Bahrain.